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A Comprehensive Digital Campaign Brought to Life with Sierra-Cedar

April 10, 2024

In the dynamic and ever-evolving cloud migration landscape, finding a competitive edge is critical. Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we joined forces with Sierra-Cedar to help them find their unique positioning for DevOps Services within the higher education, public sector and commercial space.

The process involved a deep dive into understanding Sierra-Cedar’s unique market position, followed by the development and implementation of a multifaceted marketing strategy that leveraged both digital and traditional channels. Through targeted campaigns, optimized web presence, and engaging content, we’ve helped them navigate the challenges of the crowded marketplace.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Before we set off to work with creating marketing materials, we underwent a deep dive into Sierra-Cedar’s customer base, competitive set and unique positioning for DevOps Services. Working with their key stakeholders, we developed a comprehensive go-to-market plan for their new DevOps Services business line that included goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), customer personas and a tactical gameplan to move them through strategy to execution.

Creative Development

To kick off our partnership, we created three brand concepts for them to review, with a selection of a final one. This enabled us to develop a library of branded content that lives across their website, social, paid ads and beyond. We also created an animated video introducing their new service line, speaking to the heart of their customer needs in a creative and fun way. The result was a suite of new assets and visual branding to elevate the organization and stand out across multiple mediums with consistency and clarity.

Content Marketing

Content included a comprehensive series of blog posts aimed at showcasing Sierra-Cedar’s deep knowledge and leadership in automation and operating AWS cloud infrastructure. By getting these articles on their website, we not only enriched the site with valuable content but also strategically targeted specific keywords and topics. This approach was designed to enhance Sierra-Cedar’s online presence, making its expertise more visible and accessible to potential clients searching for solutions in the cloud migration space.

Landing Page Development

Every great campaign needs a place for customers to land. We designed a tailored landing page specifically for Sierra-Cedar’s latest business line, effectively highlighting their key strengths and capabilities. This page was not only aligned creatively with their brand identity but also crafted to meet their tight launch schedule. The result was a user-friendly, informative webpage that captured the essence of Sierra-Cedar’s value proposition, making it simple for potential clients to grasp the benefits and driving home the message of why Sierra-Cedar stands out in their field. This approach improved the potential that the first impression made by their new business line was both memorable and compelling, setting the stage for successful customer engagement.

Social Media Marketing

We took charge of Sierra-Cedar’s LinkedIn social media marketing, encompassing a broad range of services from developing a cohesive content strategy and managing their page to planning content, writing, designing, scheduling posts, and keeping an eye on online interactions. Our comprehensive and targeted approach led to a notable boost in audience engagement, with the rate jumping from 2.4% to 4.6%, and a significant increase in content sharing, soaring by 256% within just a few months. This multi-faceted strategy not only amplified Sierra-Cedar’s presence on LinkedIn but also enhanced their brand’s visibility and interaction with their target audience, effectively leveraging the platform to drive meaningful results.

Paid Digital Media

A strategic campaign of targeted digital advertisements was launched, focusing on Sierra-Cedar’s primary customer segments across various sectors, complemented by hand-selected social content tailored to each group. This approach enhanced the visibility of Sierra-Cedar’s services within their key audiences, directing more high-quality traffic to their website. The campaign achieved a click-through rate of 1.22%, surpassing the initial benchmark of 0.6%. We never just settle for running an effective campaign – we also look for ways to exceed expectations every time.

Search Engine Optimization

With a need for improved website performance, we performed an audit of Sierra-Cedar’s site, aligning their keywords with performance metrics. We lead a comprehensive update of the website’s metadata, alongside optimization efforts for keyword performance. We also developed a performance tracking system, enabling Sierra-Cedar to monitor and measure the effectiveness of these optimizations closely. This strategic approach led to a 26% increase in organic search to the site, marking a significant enhancement in the website’s search engine visibility and user engagement.

From the initial planning stages to the performance analysis, our collaboration with Sierra-Cedar has been a journey that combines strategic insight, creative execution, and actionable analytics. We’ve been able to give them valuable impressions from their core customers, while effectively cutting through the noise in a crowded cloud migration space. And with such wonderful partners as they are, we’ve had loads of fun along the way.


“Since initiating our collaboration with Manley Creative, we have observed a high-quality, consistent, and efficient approach to our SEO, social marketing, and creative development needs. The team demonstrates a passionate commitment to clear communication and timely delivery, contributing positively to our brand’s evolution. Time and again, I’ve seen the team rise to exceed expectations. We look forward to maintaining this productive partnership and appreciate Manley Creative’s ongoing professionalism and expertise.”

Tim Gehrig, EVP, Sierra Cedar

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