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Behind the Scenes: Aviation Lifestyle and Branding

September 19, 2019

Manley Creative shares their experience shooting this branding video and photography for an aviation client. Jim Manley, CEO, Anthony DiMaria,  EJ Hernandez, Cinematographer explain how the Manley Creative team captures the client’s story for this air-to-air project filmed near Sacramento. 

When the Manley Creative Team heads out on a shoot, we plan to get as many different scenarios and shots as possible. This provides our clients with a variety of lasting collateral they can repurpose across multiple platforms. 

The videos produced from this shoot showcase how these particular aviators live their lives. Their lifestyle is flying small aircrafts from place to place. It’s how they travel, how they recreate, and how they roam free.

Aerial Video Shoot

The adventure

For this air-to-air shoot, our team members were strapped in during flight, shooting video and stills through the doorless aircraft. The Manley Creative team welcomes these challenging but fun scenarios, capturing footage from the hangars, the sky, the farmland – something the team has come to view as “standard” in their work environment, while appreciating the extraordinary circumstances.

Capturing this variety of intentional shots — for both photo and video — begins with our industry-leading Manley Pre-Production Method. Ever wonder what happens? It all starts with a solid plan, an amazing team, and YOUR willingness to trust your baby in our hands.”

So what actually is pre-production, and what do we do for our clients during that stage?

Industry Photography


The only way to have a successful shoot like we did, with so many moving pieces literally flying around, is by following our industry leading Manley Pre-Production Method. We designed this method to ensure that our clients’ productions run smoothly, stay on-time and on budget, and produce positive results every single time.

If you are not familiar, pre-production is the initial stage in the production process. During this time, ideas are brought together into a cohesive plan and the goals and objectives of your video are established. Together, we define the concept, determine desired locations, select shoot dates and times, and seek and engage qualified talent. In short, we plan every single detail so that everyone knows exactly when and where things are going to happen

Filming in the Air

For this project, we were planning to shoot for three days in a row for our aviation client. On the third day, we were thrown an unexpected curveball – we were met with what we like to call “the windiest day in the history of windy days.” We couldn’t fly… but it didn’t matter. We got all of the shots on our list completed on day two. This allowed for day three to be a bonus day of ground shots instead of air-to-air. We found shots that worked for the branding campaign in hangars and other places on the ground. We had fun, our client had fun and we captured shots beyond what was planned in pre-production. 

This was due to the steps we take in the Manley Pre-Production Method. We were able to adjust accordingly and get creative alongside our client, thinking outside of the box. Pre-production is a key step in executing and delivering superior results, the process takes teamwork and time. Our team integrates with yours, collaborating to ensure the perfect amount of dynamic and different snapshots, still-shots, video, and soundbites all designed to advertise your company and get results.

Please note – due to client confidentiality, names and branding was removed from this video.

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