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Behind the Scenes: Bringing Vision to Light

March 17, 2020

Your luggage is on carousel 3… and your pilot is on carousel 5.

An internationally-known aerospace company invents a new product that helps pilots land their planes more efficiently.

So, of course, we think of playtime in second grade.

It’s what we do at Manley Creative. We collaborate closely with our clients, and we think outside the box. In this case, we think outside the merry-go-round.

Catch their attention

Creative Director Anthony DiMaria needed a specific image to catch the viewer’s attention. So the team at Manley Creative worked side by side with our client and landed on the idea to showcase pilots stuck on an actual luggage carousel.

The vision is both humorous and impactful. The technology helps pilots land their planes without being given the runaround. We thought the best way to demonstrate the runaround would be to show pilots on a baggage conveyor belt. Anthony believes this kind of creativity allows us “to produce something a little different so it stands out in the vast sea of advertising. After all, our job is to get you and your company noticed.”

Photography matters

It’s one thing to have a vision. It’s even more important to bring it to light. At Manley Creative we’re a complete agency with a suite of services. We have an international team of still photographers, videographers, editors, animators, graphic designers, copywriters and script writers. From Munich to Miami, London to Los Angeles, we have a wealth of multi-talented Manley Creative teamers available for your needs. The key is in the pre-production, preparation and experience. Lead photographer Faith Decker says, “we went into it, as we always do with our clients, in a collaborative sense. Our client is part of it from the very beginning.”

There is no cookie cutter style. At Manley Creative, we want to get to know your business. We take our time to learn your goals. We believe it’s our responsibility to be an extension of your team. Photographers like Faith are proud of what they can bring to the set.

“Photography is not a one size fits all business,” she says. It’s one of the many reasons we see ourselves as the non-agency agency.

Getting there on time

Speed and quality. Because of the intense preparation, the team was able to shoot on Monday, edit on Tuesday, and deliver on Wednesday. Take your time before you get there. Take your time on set. It makes landing the final product so much easier. Pilots strive for a speedy and accurate on-time arrival.

At Manley Creative, we deliver it.

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