Manley Creative Team

Chrysalis Case Study

January 8, 2020

Shaping a story for safe haven

Chrysalis is a safehouse for women and children fleeing domestic violence. As a nonprofit, Chrysalis relies on financial contributions to operate their emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling, advocacy and recovery programs. Click here to donate to Chrysalis.

The shelter is staffed by a skilled and dedicated group of professionals with experience and sensitivity in helping fragile and traumatized women and children. For organizations like Chrysalis, fundraising and public awareness are its biggest challenges.

Video Project Needs:

Goals Aimed at Growth and Awareness

Chrysalis needed an educational and informative video to present to their supporters and potential contributors. While keeping the location and survivors information confidential, Manley helped create a moving and complex story that conveyed the multiple messages that needed to be conveyed.

The Video:

A Unique Approach

  • Introduces a troubling relationship from its beginning
  • Educating the public on domestic violence, showing warning signs such as isolation and defensiveness
  • Conveys the concern of friends and family
  • Illustrates the escalating abuse
  • Teaches survivors how to take-action escape an abusive relationship
  • Ends with a strong call to action for survivors of domestic violence and their loved ones
  • Creates a compelling message to motivate potential donors and extend services to survivors

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