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Ivy Brain Tumor Center – The Power of Storytelling

August 12, 2022

Brain cancer is serious. Diagnoses are scary. Treatment is treacherous. But Ivy Brain Tumor Center is on a mission to change that narrative and instill hope in patients across the world.


Ivy Brain Tumor Center approached Manley Creative looking to expand on a previous series they had worked on for “Patients: It’s Personal”. Except this time, instead of working with physicians and specialists at Ivy Brain Tumor Center, they wanted to capture patient stories as well. And in the world of brain cancer, navigating these stories with patients, their loved ones, and surviving families requires sensitivity and care to do it right. And we were determined to do just that.


Ivy Brain Tumor Center entrusted Manley Creative to share the impact their work on brain cancer research has done for their patients. Ivy Brain Tumor Center encourages and relies on donations and grants to help make it possible to fund their mission.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to connect. It hands over the microphone to real, raw testimonies of the human experience. And when you’re dealing with subject matter as sensitive as brain tumors, you tell these stories with the greatest of care.

Manley Creative produced a series of impactful stories of patients, survivors, and families that navigated the world of brain cancer. We shared laughs and tears as we worked on the series, fittingly named “Patients: It’s Personal”. Because for Ivy Brain Tumor Center, the work they do goes beyond scientific research – it is personal. The series captures both the beauty and pain behind each life experience.

We combined the video shoot with still photography to help fully encapsulate the moment in time of these stories. This enabled us to create a holistic campaign for Ivy Brain Tumor Center across various mediums and platforms to help share their message as loud and wide as possible.


The reception was incredible. The videos produced for this campaign have produced millions of impressions in just a matter of a few months. And knowing that the stories of these patients are getting views across the world means that Ivy Brain Tumor Center’s mission to change the outcome of brain cancer diagnoses is that much closer to becoming a reality.

“I’m blown away by Manley’s ability to take individual sound bites and put it together in a cohesive story that’s both emotional and educational and really hits on the key messages that we’re trying to achieve,” Melinda Langdon, Director of Marketing & Communications, Ivy Brain Tumor Center.

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