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Majestic Neighborhood Cinema – Client Success Story

September 2, 2022

“It was a home run. From the very first conversation that we had, ’til today” -Craig Paschich, CEO Majestic Neighborhood Cinema


From concept to execution, Manley Creative is the marketing partner you’ve been looking for. Just ask Majestic Neighborhood Cinema, a Phoenix-based cinema group looking to bring the experience of their theaters to life.


While they’re busy bringing magic to the big screen, we were tasked with supercharging their marketing to capture Majestic’s unique position in the movie market. After two years of dwindling attendance due to the pandemic, it was time to revamp the Majestic Neighborhood Cinema brand to draw in a fresh set of attendees.

“We wanted to build the brand, do some guest education, and show that we were available to all ages. Manley Creative came up with four different concepts, and every single one of them hit all of those goals” -Kerry Hamilton, CMO, Nobility RCM


So how do you cater to a diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds? By incorporating them into the story itself. 

Our goal along with Majestic’s vision was to evoke emotion and capture the unique guest theater experience this theater offers. Majestic has been an iconic stop for generations of theater enthusiasts. The commercial we created embraces the neighborhood feel and the lifelong connection experienced by so many of their patrons throughout the years. We casted 3 sets of actors…teenagers, 30-somethings and…finally, let’s just call them “ageless”. Our challenge was to find 3 sets of actors who looked the same. 

With pre-production meetings underway to get the timeline, crew, talent and supplies ready to go –  we worked swiftly to ensure everything was on-brand, on-time and on-budget, all while our partners at Majestic received updates with full transparency into the process. As it is with all of our clients, this was a true collaboration.

Once the production day rolled around, all of the pieces were in place and it was time to have fun on set. We’ve been doing this for decades and we still get great joy out of seeing our crew, cast, and especially our clients, watching the vision turn into a reality. A perfect set day is only possible with perfect planning. We pride ourselves in over-preparing, right down to the finest details. 

“Our trademark color is purple; the talent was in various shades of purple. When I saw that as a detail I thought, ‘Oh, they really get us”- Kerry Hamilton, VP, Hamilton Consulting



Once the spot aired, Majestic Neighborhood Cinema saw the impact. Craig Paschich said it best, “I see it on screen, and you look around, and people are like ‘That’s really, really cool.’” And not only does the ad look great, but it’s also driving great results. And that’s what it’s all about.

“Since we’ve had the ad running, we’ve seen a sizable bump in traffic,” said Kerry Hamilton, VP, Hamilton Consulting. “It’s remarkable actually. We’re seeing the outcome and it’s nothing but positive.”

When it comes to memorable marketing and video production, don’t settle. Demand the best. Demand Manley Creative. Get in touch today!

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