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Creating Short-Form Videos That Connect

May 30, 2024

Our attention spans are getting smaller and smaller. With over 10,000 ads seen per day, we’re in a battle for impactful visibility.  

As the digital landscape becomes more saturated, short-form video content has emerged as a powerful weapon. These snappy, quick-hitting videos are designed to stop a user in their tracks and make a lasting impression, rising to prominence in project briefs around the globe. Yet, creating a compelling short video is more complex than simply trimming down longer content. There’s a distinct art to capturing attention quickly and effectively—and we’re here to share the insider tips on mastering this craft. 

Prioritize senses 

We’re all aware of the five senses – but which is best suited for making an impression on an audience in a short span of time? 

Sight and sound are the easiest to portray in video content, but great video content can also activate touch, smell and taste. Just think back to the last delicious, juicy burger ad you saw on TV (and how you’re probably salivating now as you’re reading this.) That’s the magic of great content. 

Use edits to enhance, not distract 

There’s a fine line between creating impact and forcing audiences to drink from a water hose. Too much noise in a short amount of time comes across as chaotic more often than impactful. Sometimes, the best ads are the simplest. 

Consider how you’re using edits to enhance a user experience. Think of Calm’s “15 second break” commercial. It’s simple, with an animation overlay that mimics the meditation found within the app. It demonstrates the benefit, the user experience, and – with the audience’s participation – a short sample of the feeling that comes after taking time to yourself.  

The edits enhanced the ad, and they effectively broke through the screen to show their product benefit, not just talk about it. 

Use color to your advantage 

With such a short span of time, using colors in the video that align to your brand are important. It’s an effective way to reinforce your brand identity without shoving your logo in people’s faces.  

This Heinz spot demonstrates the use of their brand colors (red, mustard yellow) throughout the spot. From the red credit card and writing, to the yellow backdrop, there’s a reinforcement of the brand even before the first logo appears on the screen. This allows audiences to begin aligning creative in the video with who your brand is, and can be even more memorable than having your logo in every shot. 

In the digital age, where every second counts, mastering the art of short-form video is essential. By focusing on sensory engagement, thoughtful edits, and strategic use of color, your videos can become memorable and effective tools in your marketing arsenal. As we continue to navigate the crowded digital spaces, let these principles guide you in crafting video content that not only connects but captivates and converts. Embrace the challenge, and watch your brand’s impact grow—one short, powerful video at a time.

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