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Hiring An On-Location Video Crew When Your Business is Out-of-State

February 22, 2017

I love Arizona and I’m extremely proud of the work we do with so many exceptional companies here. I am equally fond of technology because it allows the Manley Films & Media team to expand our clientele across the country without increasing customer costs or sacrificing customer service.

When your video job needs to happen somewhere other than your company HQ, do you know what to look for in an on-location video crew to ensure a seamless experience?

The Challenge Faced by Out-of-State Companies

When I’m contacted by companies, outside of Arizona, who are looking for on-location crews to handle their projects, I realize they’re looking for a video production company they can trust. These clients don’t have time to worry about whether or not the crew they’ve hired is getting the job done right. They want total confidence and a worry-free experience. I’m fully aware of that because I’ve been in their shoes before.

4 Insider Tips for Choosing Your On-location Video Crew

When you get ready to hire a team capable of handling your entire project, here are 4 insider tips to keep in mind to ensure smooth sailing.

1. Is the Video Production Team Listening to Your Needs?

I often hear from new clients that a previous experience didn’t quite meet their expectations, as in “We liked the last video production crew we hired, but they were more focused on the ‘art’ rather than telling the story we needed to tell.”

From the moment I speak with a company from another state, I listen carefully and ask questions so I can understand exactly what they’re looking for. I balance ways to offer the best price possible while providing the customer service and project quality they desire.

2. Are They Adaptable and Organized?

Lack of planning and poor communication will sink the ship every time. You should feel like you’re working with your own in-house video production team, not feel like an outsider. Changes and delays happen, but an experienced crew will have a few time-saving strategies to keep things on track.

When you call Manley Creative Team, you’re getting employees of Manley Creative Team. We don’t farm your project out. We are staffed to handle all of your video production needs – whenever, wherever and however you need us.

Additionally, when you arrive for the shoot, you’ll see that we take your image very seriously. No backwards hats and ripped t-shirts on our crew. We realize we are representing your brand. Therefore, we dress accordingly.

3. Do They Deliver Superb Customer Service?

You want your project to go smoothly, so make sure the video production company you’re hiring truly cares about you, your company and your goals. How can you tell if they do? A lot of it has to do with the first two items on this list. If they’re listening to you when you call, if they ask questions about your goals and final deliverables and want to learn about the heartbeat of your company, then you’ve found the right video production company.

4. Are You Seeing Results?

As a client, you expect that your investment in video will achieve desired results. Whatever your objective is, your on-location video crew should be working hard, communicating well, and delivering as promised. We realize you’re putting a lot of time and money into your projects, so we’re just as focused on results as you are.

After all, when you get great response from the video project you’ve hired us for; we know you’ll be back again!

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