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Sales Is Never as Easy as ABC

May 16, 2017

ABC. Always Be Closing. What a dumb way to sell. Sure, it might work for some people, in the short term. But, in my opinion, sooner or later that selfish way of thinking will close your sales career forever.

Let me preface this brief blog by saying that I have no formal sales experience. But, when I became an awkward looking teenager, I had to learn the nuances of sales very quickly just to convince a girl to go to the 8th grade dance with me. It didn’t take me long to realize that shutting my mouth, listening, and really caring about what the other person had to say was extremely productive. I learned more than I could ever imagine about people and formed lifelong relationships, whether they went to the dance with me or not.

I’m a business owner, first and foremost. But as a small business owner, you automatically are thrust into sales. So 12 years ago, when I started this company from scratch, I tapped into my teenage sales philosophy.

No ABC here, it’s always been something like ABI…Always Be Interested. It’s actually very easy. Instead of sitting down with a prospective client and constantly thinking about the sale, I eliminate that from my mind and listen to everything they want to tell me about their life, their goals, their company. If we’re a good fit for them, we talk about how that partnership might look. I’ve talked many clients and potential clients out of unnecessary projects and expenditures. I’ve also helped many of them, after hearing their story, figure out new, innovative, and effective ways to market their companies.

ABI has brought me more business success than I could’ve ever imagined. It’s also brought me more personal joy than I could’ve ever imagined. Across the board, our clients do incredible things for the communities they service. For example, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona has been an insurance fixture for more than 75 years. But, they do so much more than that. From insurance innovation to the volunteer work they do in the community, they’re passion for the people in Arizona is apparent in everything they do.

Phoenix Theatre is about ready to celebrate their 100th anniversary. They’ve inspired my wife and I so much that she has joined their Ambassador’s board and we both have become community sponsors. I’m told to keep these posts short, but I could go on and on about how every single one of our clients not only have excellent company cultures, but they also make community service an integral part of their plan. U-Haul, Honeywell, The Meadows, UEI College, Ballet Arizona, Fiesta Bowl, Meritage Homes, Vixxo, Jewish Community Center, Penske, Precision Air & Heating all provide tremendous support to their communities in addition to being excellent companies.

So, when you’re ready, give me a call or come on down and talk to me. Rest assured, I’ll always be listening and I’ll always be interested.

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