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The Secret to Marketing Success? It’s Not a Secret

May 30, 2017

After twenty-five years in marketing, I’ve seen quite a few business exceed their goals, and some fall short of expectations.

It takes time and investment in people to build a brand. That investment means more than any other, because people — not technology, advertising or a killer sales department — can overcome poor customer service. There is no secret to this. It’s something Manley Creative Team prioritizes every single day: building relationships.

Data Reveals a Common Sense Error

With numerous competitors in any industry, often the only differentiation is customer service. It’s not just necessary; it’s vital to the health of your company. A 2016 report found that customer service impacts brand choice and loyalty for 97% of consumers around the globe. How many are swayed by interactions with your company?

Customer service means delivering what we promise and earning your trust by being true to our commitment to put the client first, no matter what. This philosophy is critical in building strong, lasting relationships.

Begin with the Basics

Often we have clients who are new to video production, still photography and other marketing platforms. They need more hand-holding and education about the process we are about to undertake. We don’t start talking about their video right away. We sit them down and ask them questions. What is the message you want to convey? Who is your audience? What are the objectives and desired outcome? We teach them how to think about creating marketing materials that actually work.

Next we introduce them to options in video content to help them achieve their goals. We prepare them for the process of script-writing, storyboarding and pre-production and editing or post production. Before we ever turn on a camera, we’ve educated our clients so that they not only comprehend the process, they are comfortable working with us.

Setting an Example

Here’s an example of a client we work with every month. Precision Air & Heating shares our philosophy of relationship-building so much that they create commercials about it.

Customer service starts from the moment we take an inquiry. It doesn’t end there. It doesn’t end once the product is delivered. This is an ongoing process of building and maintaining a relationship. Integrate this mindset into your company and you’ll have a team of superstars who keep your clients coming back.

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