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Change of Plans? Your Video Project Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

May 10, 2017

You’ve waited for months to get approval on a new marketing video. A video production team is lined up. The location and talent is locked in. Your social media calendar is coordinated for distribution. Everything is on track for a product launch.

Then it happens. Your worst fear: someone makes a decision that changes the plan. All your hard work is pushed back. The ripple effect has begun.

We’ve seen it all before. Changes in scripts, timelines, location, deadlines and other last minute details in all stages of video production. This can propel your video production team into chaos, scrambling to reschedule and adjust plans. You’re hoping that the change you are requesting won’t throw everything off the rails.

We don’t let that happen to our clients. We adjust and stick to our commitment to your project.

Adaptability is a lot of hard work and teamwork. When you are a client of Manley Creative Team, no matter how big or small your project, our promise is to provide the best experience you have ever had with a marketing partner. Staying on the cutting edge, constant improvement, and detailed attention to every client is our goal.

We understand that every project has a lot of moving parts could require last minute changes. Our top priority is creating a superior quality video for every client, on time. When a change comes along, we’re adaptable.

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