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Breaking Barriers, Building Markets: Our Partnership with Willscot Mobile Mini

December 1, 2023

Willscot Mobile Mini is known for their turnkey portable space solutions for construction job sites. But they do so much more than that. As providers for onsite storage containers, they actively provide solutions for industries like healthcare, education, and retail. Their turnkey solution brings experts, assets, and solutions to any storage need, allowing customers to sit back and relax knowing they are in good hands.

So how could they grow beyond the construction site perspective and reach this expanded customer base? That’s where Manley Creative comes in.

The Task

Our favorite marketing starts with storytelling. We met with the Willscot team to review their goals, align expectations, set the vibe and work within the budget. And just like Willscot provides a turkey solution for their customers, we took care of all the details for the shoot so they could sit back and relax this time. We combined photography and videography on the shoot to maximize impact, leaning into the story of how this solution could be beneficial to customers from a variety of industries. We prioritized getting all the right shots and capturing those “hero” shots to put the Willscot customer front and center in the campaign.

The Results

Just like the ease of the production day, post-production and delivery was flawless. With a library of content to market to their extended customer base, marquee video content that can be used for years to come, and a streamlined story across the board, Willscot Mobile Mini was ready to hit the market. “It was refreshing to hear from an outside perspective how our products could be showcased from a different angle”.

The Power of Preparation
The Power of Preparation

The power of preparation is undeniable. It’s the cornerstone for successful campaigns, ensuring that each step taken is aligned with the business goals at hand.   When we are meeting with our future partners, there’s a common theme for why they’re looking...

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