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Happy Customers, Valued Partnerships

I've been working with Manley Creative for almost 10 years, and I keep coming back to them because I know that they'll give me the elite level of creative video and photo assets that I need to fulfill my marketing tactics.

Ashley Sanchez

Director of Marketing & Communications, MD Helicopters

With you guys handling all the logistics, the planning, scripting, etc., I literally showed up today and it was one of the easiest days I’ve had.

Ben Brown

Creative Director, Willscot Mobile Mini

From the perspective of a Manley Creative collaborator, I can say that the video and photographic capabilities and execution of Manley Creative are both very good. In working with them across a number of campaigns across industries including aerospace and manufacturing, I consistently saw the entire team execute creative briefs and reliably help their clients exceed their business objectives.

Tom Briggs

Founder, Epigraph

If you need an extension of your team, Manley Creative will do what is needed and operate how you need to fit right in. I know that completing projects with Honeywell is not the easiest task, but this team is always up for the challenge. When things could go awry, they are quick with the initiative and will not stop at making sure it is a product that the customer is happy with.

This team does amaze me on their versatility, responsiveness, and adaptability. I would recommend Manley for creative and marketing needs for a business.

Mai-Trang Tran

Fortune 100 Company

Manley Creative was a fantastic collaborator for our opera feature film. They were extremely efficient and thoughtful throughout the entire process. Every day, they contributed to such a great creative energy on-set and I would definitely work with them again.

Manley Creative is where it’s at!

Haley Stamats

Arizona Opera


Incredible team with a great work ethic. Manley Creative has been a pleasure to work with the past 4 years and I would highly recommend. Whether you are looking for great photographs from an event or a highlight video to sell your product, they've got you covered. Each Manley Creative team member brings a little different spin to their product and will work with you to match your vision, no matter what it takes.

Kelly Schindler

Fiesta Bowl

Manley Creative epitomizes the best in storytelling. Their attention to detail and skills at listening to their clients enables them to capture the essence of who/what they are communicating. Jim's staff is, from top to bottom, some of the most talented in the southwest. Manley Creative takes your idea and makes it a reality. Engaged, reliable, and visionary.

Michael Dobbs

Institutional Advancement Manager, The Phoenix Theatre Company

Manley Creative is a top quality media production agency in the Phoenix area. They can handle video and photo projects from large to small and you'll always get the best final product you could have possibly hoped for. They are professional, easy to work with, and all around great company to do business with.

Nikki Hogan


Manley Creative has been the official videographer for Ballet Arizona for the past 6 seasons and we could not be more proud to partner with such a talented and passionate group of people. Their customer service and artistic product are both wonderful!

Jami Kozemczak

Ballet Arizona

Manley Creative produces first-class videos while delivering world-class service. I would recommend this group to anyone!

Jackie Hobson

Fiesta Bowl

As we were growing as a marketing organization, because marketing was really transforming during this time, Manley was really transforming with us and helping us do the storytelling, and really bringing together the whole story so that we could have a full multimedia approach.

Erica Brinker

CCO, Head of ESG, Chaberton Energy

Manley Creative is simply outstanding! We've had the pleasure of collaborating with them on three separate commercials, and each experience has been nothing short of amazing. From the initial concept discussions to the final product, their creativity and professionalism shine through. I would highly recommend Manley!

Bridget Furniss

Marketing Manager, Schwartz Laser Eye Center

We trusted Manley Creative with our brand in multiple large projects, and they exceeded all expectations. Jim and his team are first rate professionals with superb work product. Have yet to find a part of the creative and production process that they are not outstanding at. Looking forward to the next collaboration.

Sam Shoen

Executive VP, U-Haul

I've had the pleasure of partnering with Manley Creative on several marketing content projects. On each project, I've been impressed with the account manager's responsiveness to client needs and the caliber of other creative professionals on the team. I'd recommend Manley to anyone who needs an attentive and energetic creative partner.

Amanda Hargrove

Copywriter and Marketing Communications Strategist, Hargrove Communications

Manley Creative is a one-of-a-kind company. They make the entire experience of working with them so easy. Their team is fun to work with, the best in their craft and HUMAN! I would recommend them over and over again.

Hilary Corna

The Human Way

I can't say enough about the professionalism and creativity for Manley Creative! They have been a partner with Ballet Arizona for years and are experts at helping us tell our story. Video is such a critical part of building a relationship with the community and Manley Creative has the expertise to be sure we are doing this is the best way.

Samantha Franck

Ballet Arizona

When engaging Manley for your video production needs you not only get the best quality video production in the valley you get an amazing team. They take the time to learn your product, your organization and your culture and will work hard to create a video in your companies voice and spot on in messaging. They are a pleasure to work with, very open to feedback and will work tirelessly to create a product that nails what you where looking for.

Stuart Wachs

Valley of the Sun JCC

The team at Manley Creative were awesome to work with! Always on schedule, very collaborative and all around fun to work with.

Sarah Buckley

Chapman University

Manley Creative has a very fun and talented team who produce high quality videos!

Girl Scout Sister

Jim Manley is an expert at what he does and he does it with a smile. His respect for his art and for himself extends to his clients and to those that we need him to deal with – our clients. His instincts on what needs to be done are right-on always. His marketing senses are finely tuned. Working with Jim is truly a “dream come true”. Those trite words are the only ones I could find that would describe the fact that his staff is just like him – having the same qualities and the same care of their work and their relationships. With a difficult work schedule, long days, hard driving and multiple participants, Jim and his crew managed to pull off a stellar product. They then followed this by putting in three days of long hours and dealing with hundred of people – interviewing them, photographing them, videoing them – with never a frown or a word that was short. Always the professional and the work on time and superb. There is no way to give Jim, his crew and Manley Creative any higher accolades. Jim understands what it means to be a team player and he made my team look good.

Maryanne Weiss

President, Gustare Ltd. CEO, VerdeXchange Arizona LLC Partner, Amstar LLC

The shoot went beautifully! Ashley was a star and so easy to work with. Not a surprise - we always have a great time when we work with the Manley team!

Hannah Doctoroff

Producer, Condé Nast

Marketing is not our company's core strength. The Manley team worked with us to create an excellent case study for a flagship client. They provided clear guidance and copy needs and worked with our staff to refine rough information into a clear and concisely crafted case study.

Brenden McGuire

VP, Tek4Gov

Since initiating our collaboration with Manley Creative in June 2022, we have observed a high-quality, consistent, and efficient approach to our SEO, social marketing, and creative development needs. Under Jim's leadership, the team demonstrates a passionate commitment to clear communication and timely delivery, contributing positively to our brand's evolution. Time and again, I've seen the team rise to exceed expectations. We look forward to maintaining this productive partnership and appreciate Manley Creative's ongoing professionalism and expertise.

Tim Gehrig

EVP, Sierra Cedar

These folks are really sharp, and really encompass everything we don’t have in house

John Shorter

Product Manager, Ruvos

We used Manley Creative based on an Investor Relations peer's recommendations, after they provided their services for an Investor Day. From top to bottom, the team was absolutely fantastic to work with and was instrumental in executing a successful virtual event.

I would highly recommend using the Manley team for any marketing needs.

Mick McCloskey

Head of Investor Relations, CommScope

I can't say enough good things about Manley Creative. Not only is their work of the highest quality, but every member of their team is top-notch and I thoroughly enjoy working with them. More than once, they have taken our vision and turned it into a reality.

During COVID, they made it possible for us to continue producing video content by implementing A+ safety protocols that have made everyone on set feel comfortable. I highly recommend Manley Creative for your video production and photography needs.

Melinda Langdon

Director of Marketing & Communication, Ivy Brain Tumor Center

Not only did our sales increase when we hired on the Manley team, our image in the community also changed. Their work has helped take our marketing to an entirely new level, and the difference has been dramatic. The folks at Manley Creative are creative, innovative and kind. They are careful listeners, using the ideas and vision we share to create content that is polished, professional and exciting. Great people, great company.

SJ White

Phoenix Theatre

I've worked with Manley for the last 3-4 years on numerous projects and believe they are the best production house in town. From smaller projects to large campaigns, from concept design to post, they do it all and do it all well, often meeting deadlines that are less than ideal. They hire the right people, are professional, responsive, creative, and a pleasure to work with.

Rob Palmer

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Amazing team and exceptionally creative with a fine attention to the details that puts them ahead of the rest!! They did the design with the photos and the videos to provide our website a flavor of our company. Completely stellar!


Amazing videographers and photographer, the best in AZ!

Jose Moreno

Fiesta Bowl

Highly professional and talented. Would recommend Manley Creative to anyone looking for high quality video production and a great team!

Marylou Stephens

Amazon AWS
Array Technologies
Willscot Mobile Mini
Conde Nast
Sierra Cedar
Phoenix Theatre
MD Helicopters
Arizona Opera
Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona
Majestic Cinema
Ballet Arizona

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