Manley Creative Team

Animation Services

“You guys nailed it as you always do. We literally and figuratively could not have done this without you. Your dedication, hard work, and diligence are peerless! 

-Sr. Brand Content Manager, Fortune 100 Company

See Your Idea Come to Life

You may already have an idea in mind for an awesome animation, or maybe you’re wondering where to begin. You may even be considering whether animation is right for your business at all. We’d love to help you figure out the optimal solution for you.

Animation is a powerful tool that can be used to express stories and ideas in unique ways. You might use animation to explain a tricky process to your clients or use it as a substitute for in-person filming. Whatever your goal, our team will help you create professional, engaging animation. We can handle any size animation, 2D or 3D. We can also help out with stop motion, rotoscoping, cinemagraphs, logos, and more. 

Hit the Bullseye

If you’ve ever outsourced creative work before, you know that it can be a confusing, expensive, and dissatisfying experience. Maybe your final deliverable was way off the mark.

At Manley Creative, we care about results. We’ll work with you to reach a final deliverable you’re happy with. But in addition to that, we want to make this process easy for you. Our animating process is built on clear communication and feedback. We’re here to streamline your business goals, not complicate them.



Communicate Your Brand

Animation is an excellent way to show your brand style and voice. Maybe your company wants to build trust with clients through an educational and reassuring tone. Or maybe you want to target younger audiences with quick, entertaining content. We’ll help you tune into your unique audience by creating personalized content true to you.

As storytellers, we come armed with a lot of creative ideas to get your messaging heard. And, importantly, we’ll help you make sure messaging is consistent between animation and your other marketing efforts.

Ready to talk animation?

Whether you’ve already done this hundreds of times or are just getting started, we’re here to help. Find out all of the resources available to you and discover how we can make your life easier.