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About Manley Creative

A modern, global creative agency offering a complete suite of services.

We’ve reinvented the old, stale ad agency model.

We know all about traditional ad agencies. They charge a lot, make you jump through communication hoops, outsource key parts of your project to other vendors, and ultimately waste your time and money on a lackluster product.

That’s why we began Manley Creative. Because we believe you deserve a better experience.

You deserve fast responses. You deserve an agency that becomes an extension of your team so you can achieve YOUR goals. Your time and money are valuable and should be treated with respect. That’s why we have the equipment and people you need, in-house, for all of your advertising needs.

Manley Creative is a team of friendly, devoted, real people who produce outstanding creative. With a background in filmmaking and journalism, we have a suite of creative services that bring your brand story to life through great storytelling and attention to detail.

We guide you through the Manley Way, which is built on proven processes. This ensures your project gets the time and attention it deserves. We’re here to make your life easier…and to build lasting partnerships.

You talk. We listen.

Every project starts with the same thing – you talk, and we listen.

We want to understand what success looks like to you. Then, we plan and overplan to generate measurable ROI. Whether you need to start from scratch with a strategy reset, or your team just needs a little extra juice, we’re there for you.

So, what services do we offer?

For almost two decades, our clients have partnered with us to produce national and local television commercials, copywriting, graphic design, still-photography, podcasts, live-streaming, internal and external video content, scripting, post-production, feature film editing, color-grading and strategic marketing messaging and campaigns.

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Wear Everyone's Shoes

Wear Everyone's Shoes

When we make it a daily practice to truly walk in other people’s shoes, we begin to bury hate, bias, anger, misunderstandings and so many other negative things. When we open our minds to each unique situation and each unique person, that gives us the opportunity to treat every new project and every new client with excitement and energy.

Make Everything Better

Make Everything Better

We make our clients’ lives better by taking care of their projects and exceeding their expectations. We make each other better by respecting and genuinely caring about one another. We have a daily opportunity to make the world a better place, not only with the work we do for our paying clients, but for the in-kind charity work we do for our non-paying clients.

Be Present

Be Present

We strive for excellence at work AND at home. Being present means giving total focus and energy to the moment we are currently in. Our clients deserve it. Our families deserve it. And we deserve it.

Ready for the Curve

Ready for the Curve

We’ve been at this a long time. We know things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we plan for the curve – we’re ready to change direction with agility and keep any project on track, without sacrificing quality. Change is a part of creativity and we embrace it.