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Super Bowl LVIII Ad Predictions

February 7, 2024

As we all eagerly anticipate the Super Bowl, we can’t help but speculate about the commercials we’re about to see. It’s like a window into our collective psyche, isn’t it? Each year, these ads tell us a little something about where we stand as a society, and this year is shaping up to be particularly intriguing. 

2023 brought a theme of customer trust and corporate transparency, like T-Mobile’s “The Re-Write”. 



In 2022, we saw the common combination of nostalgia and innovation, like GM’s Dr. Evil commercial. 



Spots in 2021, the first Super Bowl event since the pandemic, were centered around resilience and unity, as seen in Jeep’s “The Middle” work with Bruce Springsteen. 



What are we going to see in 2024? 

In the world of Super Bowl commercials, emotion is the name of the game. Some years, they’re deeply sentimental, pulling at our heartstrings. Other years, they beam with pride, reflecting the things that bring us together. And then, of course, there are the years when humor takes center stage, bringing a collective laugh that echoes beyond the living room into online forums for weeks following the game. 

This year, with the backdrop of an election season, ongoing debates about the return to the office, and the ever-growing presence of AI, we’re betting on a mix of humor and pride to dominate the ad breaks. 

Let’s talk about why.  

In an election year, things can get pretty heated. Brands are aware of this and often use humor as a way to bring people together. It’s a subtle reminder that despite our differences, we can all share a laugh. In these times, humor becomes more than just a chuckle – it’s a unifier. 

Regarding the return-to-office conversation, well, that’s a whole confusing transition for many. We’re expecting ads that playfully acknowledge this new reality. Humor here serves as a gentle nod to the collective awkwardness and adjustment we’re all experiencing. 

And then there’s AI – our newest frontier. It’s changing the game in so many ways. We anticipate seeing brands use AI as a tool for both humor and a demonstration of pride. Imagine ads that playfully jab at AI’s growing pains or proudly showcase the latest AI-driven innovations. It’s a fascinating intersection of technology and human experience. 

But at the heart of it, Super Bowl commercials are all about creating connections. Whether they make us laugh, cry, or swell with pride, these ads are a shared experience – a moment of collective emotion. And that’s what great storytelling – and indeed, great marketing – is all about. It’s not just about the product; it’s about resonating with people on a deeper level, creating something memorable. 

Pay attention between the commercial breaks. 

So, as we gather for the big game, let’s watch these commercials with an analytical eye. What emotions are they tapping into? How do they reflect the current state of our world? As a company that thrives on storytelling and connection, we’re always looking for inspiration, even in unexpected places like a football game’s commercial break. 

We’re excited to see the creativity and innovation these ads will bring to the table this year. Here’s to enjoying the game and the commercials – and finding a spark of inspiration in both. 

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