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Great Work Starts With a Great Strategy.

We aren’t just pulling great creative out of thin air. We believe in a data-driven approach to marketing that is unique to your business, your industry, and your goals.

Check out our strategic services below!

Campaign Planning

Campaign Planning

We specialize in campaign planning that goes beyond surface-level tactics; diving deep into understanding your brand, target audience, and business goals to develop a comprehensive campaign strategy. Whether you're aiming to build trust, engage a specific demographic, or drive conversions, our team will work closely with you to create personalized content that resonates with your audience.

Creative Concepting

Creative Concepting

Our creative concepting services are designed to help your brand make a lasting impression. Whether you're looking to create visually stunning visuals, captivating storytelling, or immersive expereiences, we'll craft creative concepts that reflect your brand's essence and grab the attention of your audience.
Competitive Analysis Icon

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Staying ahead of the competition requires a deep understanding of the market landscape. Our competitive analysis services provide valuable insights into your industry's dynamics, trends, and key players. We provide actionable recommendations to help you capitalize on market opportunities, anticipate challenges, and position your brand for success.
Paid Media Planning Icon

Paid Media Planning

Paid Media Planning

Effective paid media planning is crucial for maximizing your brand's visibility and reaching your target audience in today's digital landscape. We specialize in developing data-driven paid media strategies that deliver results tailored to your specific goals and budget.
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Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead Generation Campaigns

Generating high-quality leads is essential for business growth. Using a strategic blend of inbound and outbound marketing techniques, we'll develop customized lead generation campaigns that drive qualified prospects to your brand.
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Our branding services are designed to help you define and express your brand's unique identity, values, and personality. We'll collaborate with you to uncover your brand's essence and positioning in the market to ensure that every touchpoint reflects your values and creates a lasting impression.
Demand Generation Icon

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Our demand generation strategies combine the power of content marketing, lead nuturing, and marketing automation to generate, an nurture leads thoughout the buyer's journey. We'll help you create valuable and engaging content that educates and inspires your target audience, positioning your brand as a trusted industry authority.
KPI Development Icon

KPI Development

KPI Development

We'll work closely with you to develop customized KPIs that align with your business objectives and provide meaningful insights into your marketing campaigns. Whether it's increasing website traffic, improving conversion rates, enhancing customer retention, or boosting ROI, we'll identify the most relevant KPIs for your specific goals.

We’re Obsessed With Our Process


Our first step is to deeply
understand your business
needs and project goals. By
immersing ourselves in your
vision, we can create a
tailored plan for flawless


Let’s put some numbers behind your vision! We’ll work together to establish a budget, determine a realistic timeline, and discuss the action items necessary to bring your goals to fruition.


You’ll meet your Account Manager and the rest of our talented team who will be with you every step of the way. We’ll create a project timeline that keeps us on track and share exciting concept developments that align with your vision.


You’ll be able to review assets in real time, adjusting as needed to ensure a successful outcome throughout the project life cycle.


This is where the real magic happens. We value your feedback and will implement it diligently, polishing and perfecting your project to achieve a truly exceptional result.


The team is ready to showcase the finalized piece, having incorporated your valuable input throughout the process.


As we wrap up, we’ll provide comprehensive reports on KPIs, and invite your valuable input through a customer excellence survey. Together, we’ll plan the next steps and continue our collaborative partnership.

5 Star Testimonials

“This team does amaze me on their versatility, responsiveness, and adaptability. I would recommend Manley for creative and marketing needs.”

-Mai-Trang Tran

Fortune 100 Company

“Amazing team and exceptionally creative with a fine attention to the details that puts them ahead of the rest!!”

- SunPac

“Not only did our sales increase when we hired the Manley team, our image in the community also changed. Their work has helped take our marketing to an entirely new level.”

- SJ White

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What sets Manley Creative apart from other agencies?

At Manley Creative, we pride ourselves on our creative storytelling, but know that each great campaign is rooted in truth. That’s why we’re dedicated to building a solid strategic foundation for all creative development – because that’s the magic of it all!

Which industries does Manley Creative serve?

Manley Creative serves a wide range of industries, including technology, aerospace and defense, healthcare, finance, hospitality, chemicals & materials, sustainability and more. We have extensive experience working with diverse clients across various sectors in both B2B and B2C industries.

What is the typical ramp-up time to get started with Manley Creative?

The ramp-up time for each project depends on its complexity and specific requirements. However, we strive to initiate projects promptly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth transition and timely execution of the agreed-upon deliverables.

What does the onboarding process look like with Manley Creative?

Our onboarding process begins with comprehensive discussions to understand your brand, objectives, target audience, and project expectations. You will have a dedicated account manager who will make this seamless and get you everything you need. We collaborate closely to align our strategies with your vision, establish clear communication channels, and define project milestones.

How involved do I need to be in the strategic process when working with Manley Creative?

We value your input and believe in collaborative partnerships. Your involvement in the creative process can vary based on your preferences and availability. We will work closely with your to ensure your vision is captured, while also leveraging our expertise to provide valuable insights and recommendations so you aren’t having to work any harder than you need to.

What is the cost of strategic services provided by Manley Creative?

The cost of our services varies depending on the scope, complexity, and specific requirements of each project. We offer customized solutions tailored to your budget and goals. During the initial consultations, we will provide transparent pricing details and work within your financial parameters to deliver exceptional value. Our starting rate is $10,000 for a strategic plan, with the average being $28,000 for a starter project.