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Elevating Excellence – A Fresh Take on the MD Helicopters Brand

January 2, 2024


Imagine soaring through the competitive skies of the aerospace and defense industry, where every detail in your branding can make or break your flight to the top. This was the arena where MD Helicopters found itself, battling not just with engineering excellence but also in the high-stakes game of marketing dominance. Enter Ashley Sanchez, the Director of Marketing and Communications at MD Helicopters, with a vision to revolutionize their brand’s presence. 

The challenge? MD Helicopters needed more than just marketing materials. They were looking for a creative ally who could translate the sophistication and top-tier quality of their helicopters into stunning visual stories. This wasn’t merely about looking good; it was about crafting their unique story as leaders of quality and professionalism in a fiercely competitive market. 

In an industry where precision and innovation are the names of the game, MD Helicopters’ move to invest in their brand was a strategic leap to reign supreme in the eyes of their audience and competitors alike. 


That’s where Manley Creative came it. Way back in the day, while scrolling through Instagram, Ashley came across a video that pulled her in. “I follow Ballet Arizona, and I saw the most amazing video… It gave me so much joy. I immediately thought I need to know who this company is… because I work in marketing… And I look through at the video and saw it was Manley Creative, so I called them right up… and the rest is history.” 

Armed with immense brand knowledge and strategic insights, Ashley Sanchez and Manley Creative embarked on a journey to redefine the visual narrative of MD Helicopters. Their first project? New video content. Recognizing the need for a dynamic and compelling brand story, MD Helicopters and Manley Creative dove into the world of video. Their goal was to produce a brand video that not only highlighted the rebranding efforts but also encapsulated the company’s mission and values. 

The Manley Creative team worked closely with Ashley, tapping into her vision and translating it into a powerful narrative. They navigated various challenges, including weather constraints and logistical complexities, with a commitment to capturing the perfect shot. The dedication paid off, resulting in a brand video that was not just a visual treat but a testament to MD Helicopters’ redefined identity. 


The journey with Manley Creative marked a significant milestone in MD Helicopters’ marketing approach. The video has been used in PowerPoint presentations by their internal team to customers and prospects, on their website, at trade shows and on social media. “It always gets positive reviews and feedback,” Ashley mentions, armed with a series of assets that are primed to stand the test of time. 

This partnership exemplifies how a collaboration between the right creative agency and brand can lead to stunning outcomes. Manley Creative’s expertise in visual storytelling, coupled with Ashley Sanchez’s clear vision and understanding of her brand, produced content that are pivotal tools in showcasing MD Helicopters at global trade shows and events. This effort will continue elevating their presence and solidifying their status as a premier name in the aerospace and defense sector. 


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